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*Actual photos of buds from our batch above.


100% organic and grown with compost teas instead of chemicals.


From Westword: "Krunk Juice is a cross of Grape Drink and Krishna Kush. Lengthy family histories of grape-leaning and Eastern genetics are hardly an equation for energy and upbeat partying — but to be fair, FreeWorld doesn't market the strain as such, describing the effects as calm and relaxing. Still, that's sort of like making a direct-to-DVD sequel of a cult classic ten years later: Did you really need to go there? Personal expectations aside, Krunk Juice improved boring nights and late afternoons. Almost immediately intoxicating, the high killed stress and a tight stomach while making my eyes so red and puffy that my roommates wondered if I'd contracted pink eye during a pandemic. (Don't worry: I don't get that crunk.) Physical energy and clear thinking were both obvious collateral damage, though, and I couldn't function much beyond the couch after a joint." 

Purple Punch

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